Rag & Bone Pt.2

Early 1900s McGill Mfg cage trouble light, with a home made shield on one side. I love cage lights so when I found this one online for a great price I snatched it up. Getting the seller to actually send it was like pulling teeth, but it finally arrived on my doorstep, almost a month after the purchase.  Finding things in person it so much easier. 
It now has a more appropriate looking light bulb.

Found this chest at the swap meet, it came with a what appears to be home made key. These probably weren't mass produced so maybe that's just how the keys looked, regardless it work! I believe the chest to have been used on a ship, perhaps a ship's carpenters chest? 
If you know anything about it please let me know.

I picked this up because I liked the package, turns out it was still full of century old cigarettes.

This lamp was brown and rusty when I found it, 
so I stripped the paint, cleaned it up and rewired it.

Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F) plaque. I have no idea how old this is, but I love the symbols Odd Fellows use. Skull & cross bones, and a casket! The FLT in the chain-links stand for 
Friendship, Love, and Truth.

I love this old novelty bottle playing off Old Crow brand bourbon with a nicely aged label.
Death, a crow, bourbon, and humor, and all for only four bucks!


  1. I love all your finds.......Odd Fellow
    stuff is one of my obsessions......

  2. Thanks! Yes, I love the Oddfellows antiques! I have ribbons, pins, books, photos, and a small ceremonial coffin. I think it's their icons that really get me. Cool blog! I will have to check out Bernie's in Bothell. Thanks for telling us about it!