I just stumbled upon this photo I took sometime last year at beautiful Scout Hall. 


Again: Circle A Brand

I was so happy with my last custom vest by Circle A Brand, aka Russell of http://russellsshirts.blogspot.com, I asked Russell to create a vest that I had originally designed in a painting.  I cleaned it up in the sketch below and sent it to Russell, what I got back was better than I ever expected! Russell really put a lot of work into and fine tuned the design adding his own touches. 

The Miner's Vest

Made of Cone Mills selvedge canvas, black corozo buttons, hand-set copper rivets, 
and a two-prong buckle.

Constructed using vintage sewing machines from 1920's and 1940's.

As you can see in the photos the color of the canvas seems to change from a greenish brown in low light to a beautiful ochre in bright sun light. 

My favorite selvedge ticking details.

Check out the unique items in the Circle A shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/circleavintage

A few fit pics of the custom foraging vest.

Rag & Bone Pt. 6: Small Finds

The Last Buffalo

Boy Scout Mugs

"Wear Like a Pigs Nose"


Circle A Brand

I was recently fortunate enough to acquire a few items from Circle A Brand, aka Russell of http://russellsshirts.blogspot.com, a gifted creator of garments and accessories. 

I got this amazing custom foraging vest constructed on a 1928 single-needle sewing machine using Japanese selvedge herringbone twill, "french" twill lining, hand-peened copper rivets, copper tack buttons, and all cotton topstitching.  Notice the curved foraging pockets, inner pocket with selvedge edge, and the selvedge detail on the back cinch. 

I also got my hands on this beautiful pocket square made of antique "outing flannel" that dates back to the late 1800's.

Russell has a few items available on his etsy right now, including some other pocket squares and some very cool tote bags. http://www.etsy.com/shop/circleavintage


Rag & Bone Pt. 5: Some Odd Fellows

A few items from my Odd Fellows collection, mostly trinkets I've picked up at junk shops and swap meets. 


Rag & Bone Pt. 4: Swap Meet Season

A few small swap meet finds. 

6" Cap gun.

 Old 1" button.

Tiny Seagram's barrel charm. 

5" Composite paper toy solider. 

Old volleyball size float.


The Art Of Patty Grazini.

Recently while in Ballard, I was introduced to the paper works of Patty Grazini. 

Her pieces are based on NY Times articles about petty criminals from between 1885-1915. This rat (it's all paper!) was my favorite. Go check them out in Ballard at the Curtis Steiner space.


Antarctic Shack

The kitchen inside Robert Falcon Scott's hut at Cape Evans, Ross Island, Antarctica. The hut was last used by Shackleton's Ross Sea Party in 1916

Photograph by: Ralph Maestas (link)


Bowers "Trench" Lighter

These Bowers lighters –tarnished and like new– were popular in the trenches of WWI. Officially called 'Bowers Kalamazoo "Slide Sleeve" Lighters' (round tube shown here), manufacturing began in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1930. 

I have collected two of the "round tube" WWI era lighters; prewar lighters were made of brass. My favorite versions are these round lighters with brass highlights– the grommet, the pull on the spring that holds the flint in place, and I especially like the brass lanyard loop.

More information can be found here: http://www.bowers-mfg.com/about-us.html