Shopping In The Belly Of A Whale

Like Geppetto on a camping trip, this store is in the belly of a whale—or a whale skeleton, at least, located at the Blackgang Chine Amusement Park, on the southern tip of the Isle of Wight. The park was established in 1843 as a tourist destination. The name is rumored to come from the name of a gang of smugglers.

"Its initial theme of a general-purpose scenic and curiosity park led to one of its most famous attractions, a large whale skeleton, which had been washed up near the coast of The Needles in 1842, and is still a showpiece today." ~ Wikipedia.

This photo was found over at Isle of Wight Historic Postcards, as the name suggests the site dedicated to historic postcards from the Isle of Wight.

Thanks to my brother, Garrett Nobbs, for bringing this to my attention.

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