Liber Novus

For those interested in psychology, archetypes, the occult, or Jung, this rare item is now available. Not only is it available, it's free for download.

Carl Jung's "
Liber Novus" aka "The Red Book" is a 205-page manuscript written and illustrated by Jung between approximately 1914 and 1930, which was not published or shown to the public until 2009. Until 2001, his heirs denied scholars access to the book, which he began after a falling-out with Sigmund Freud in 1913. Jung originally titled the manuscript Liber NovusA New Book in Latin), but it was informally known and published as The Red Book. The book is written in (literally meaning calligraphic text and contains many illuminations.

Thanks to justinfinity. Head over to his tumblr for the download link.

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