Flat Files

(Perfect! via: Factory 20)

As I create more and more work and acquire more and more ephemera, 
it's becoming apparent to me that I need a flat file. Unfortunately most of the flat files 
I find are less than pleasing to look at; most being cold grey and lifeless. So I have 
begun the hunt for an interesting old flat file. While searching I did come across a few 
that are pleasing to my eye, unfortunately these are beyond my budget, but I thought I would
share some of the ones I found across the web.

(This whole room is perfect!!! via: Old Brand New via: Roman And Williams )

(Also perfect! Available here)

(Why did they refinish it? I like the worn look!  Available here)

(Something like this would also be amazing!  Available here)

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  1. Awesome! Love your blog, one of my favourite on the web!