"Woodtyper is an online journal focusing on wood type and related topics, such as large-scale lettering, decorative typefounding, letterpress printing, sign painting, penmanship, poster printing, engraving, etc. It is edited by Nick Sherman."

I just discovered woodtyper.com, it's an amazing blog!
If you are at all interested in type, letterpress, or vintage aesthetics.

*Quote and images borrow from woodtyper.com. Go support the site.

 While exploring woodtyper.com woodtyper.com, I discovered that American Wood Type: 1828-1900
Notes on the Evolution of Decorated and Large Types, a book I longed for but it's been out of print for before I was born, is now being reprinted, again. This time in paperback form by Matt Kelsey at the Liber Apertus Press. Available from Liber Apertus Press for $29.95, what a great resource.

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