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Taschen releases another gorgeous collection:

Magic, 1400s-1950s

The first thing I noticed when I saw this book besides the title and the
image on the cover, was the massive size of the book, 11.4" x 17.3" and 650 pages.

Magic, 1400s-1950s, is a brilliant collection of images full of color, wonder, spirits, demons, skulls, inspiration, and the impossible. From conjuring to Houdini, it covers it all. Fans of magic—and Magick—the supernatural and paranormal, vintage graphics, or the macabre, will enjoy this book. The book may be light on the text, but a book of this size is not easy to hold and read; the scale benefits the image, not the text. It will take a few more viewings before I am no longer awed by the images to the extent that focusing on the text is impossible, anyway.

Prievew Magic, 1400s-1950s at Taschen.com.
Available for $126 at Amazon.com, $200 elsewhere.


  1. Hi there - interesting blog. I was wondering where you found the image from Magic 1400-1950s. It is a really fascinating image. Do you have artist information from this book?

    It is this image w/ the devil & skeletons:


  2. Hi, Just check out the amazon link on the bottom of the post for more info.
    All the images are from the book.