New Antiquarians

On July 29th of this year, the New York Times online published "The New Antiquarians," written by Penelope Green. Although this article has been posted on many blogs before, as a collector and adorer of unique objects from older times, I had to post it as well.

Ever since my girlfriend and I moved into our 1916 craftsman-style house, with its original doors and hardware, its 93-year-old wood trim that frames
every door, window, and passageway, and its original glass, I have developed a taste for the old and unique. We now find and drag home our antique prizes almost weekly. Each prize, each object has became a curio simply by withstanding time.

It was great to see the aesthetic of the Hollister sisters—I especially love the Highland Bull and the flat black wall—since I had been repeatedly stumbling across Hollister Hovey's blog for months beforehand.

Also featured in the article is Ryan Matthew. Mr. Matthew is a metal/silversmith and leather worker, who has his own line of jewelry, belt buckles, and leather belts and bags. He sells his goods at Against Nature in New York, which can be seen here on Hollister Hovey's blog. The store and its displays are as pleasing as the goods.

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